• FABSOUL x Ocean Blue Project

    We are excited to announce our new partnership with Ocean Blue Project! Our mission at FABSOUL® is to make you feel fabulous while keeping our ocean's and beaches plasticfree. This perfectly aligns with Ocean Blue Project's vision.
  • How to wear your leggings outside of your workout

    Our natural leggings are great on and off the mat. Their comfortable fit and antibacterial properties ensure that you feel fresh and supported all day long. For a seamless transition from your workout to your day to day activities. 
  • FABSOUL x Greenstyle MUC

    A couple of weeks ago, we attended our first sustainable fashion fair: Greenstyle MUC 3rd edition at Isarforum in Munich. We were beyond excited to present our natural leggings to the press and the public. 
  • Natural vs. recycled synthetic fabrics: What is better for the planet?

    The desire to do something good for your body and mind is nothing new, but have your ever thought about the environmental impact you make with the activewear clothes you buy? Conventional activewear is made with Polyester and Nylon - nonbiodegradable microplastic fibers.
  • Magic Moon Milk

    Moon Milk is an age-old Ayurvedic remedy for sleeplessness that is said to make your nightly slumber so much sweeter. Adding spirulina will not only give it a beautiful teal color but also enhance the drink with vital nutrients.
  • Plastic in our blood - The truth about recycled polyester

    Microfibers are making up the biggest amount of plastic found in oceans. One synthetic garment can produce more than 1,900 microfibers per wash. Besides polluting our water, plastic particles can also be found in our blood.