As you know, we at FABSOUL are really conscious about avoiding plastic wherever we can. That's one reason why we don't sell leggings made from recycled polyester, even though they are considered to be eco-friendly.

Avoiding plastic is not always easy and can feel overwhelming at times. We totally get it! But it usually only takes a few tweaks here and there to tremendously reduce your use of plastic.

To give you a few ideas, we put together a list of 5 things we implemented in our lifes lately and that are totally doable.

 1. Bring a reusable shopping bag to the grocery store

Here in Germany, grocery stores are not handing out plastic bags for free anymore but charge you a small amount. Even though it only costs you a few cents, this can add up (and is way better spend on your morning latte). To avoid these extra costs and of course take care of the environment at the same time, we always make sure to have at least one bag in our car for the unexpected times we urgently need more avocados. When going for our weekly grocery hunt, we don’t leave the house without several reusable bags. And with so many cute options out there, there is literally no excuse to spend unneccessary money on plastic.

shopping basket colorful reusable grocery bag

 2. Use cotton nets to weigh your veggies

We are all about fresh vegetables and fruits! You know how crucial they are for crushing all your fitness and life goals. The only downturn? They usually come wrapped in plastic or you put them in a plastic bag to weigh them before checkout. That’s why we were so excited when we saw several grocery stores introducing reusable nets made from cotton. You buy these nets once for a small price and bring them with you every time. We also just grabs vegetables like zucchini or sweet potatoes without any bag. This works as long as the quantities are small enough for the cashier to fit them on the checkout scale. For larger quantities, the nets are an amazing alternative to regular plastic bags.

cotton net vegetable net fruits reusable net

3. Bring your own straw 

We just love to grab an iced coffee or matcha latte during the warmer months. We also can’t wait for the first sunnier moments to have a nice cold Aperol Spritz at our favorite bar. What we don’t like are the amounts of plastic straws that are used with these drinks. Many restaurants have made an effort and don’t give out any straws anymore. But have your ever tried to drink a beverage filled with ice to the brim without a straw? It’s just no fun when you are constantly fighting the ice bumping against your lips and teeth. Reusable stainless steel straws like our FAB STRAWS have been a total game changer! They not only look very chic but also come in a practical pouch that can be easily thrown in your bag. No excuse to not take them with you. Bonus points: everyone around you will ask where these cute straws are from!

smoothie with gold and rose gold stainless steel straw

4. Replace your regular cotton swab with biodegradable ones

Do you know this feeling of waking up in the morning and having itchy ears? We know it all too well! Sometimes we need to clean our ears every day because they itch to badly. The problem is that most cotton swabs are made with plastic. Have you ever seen these pics of a sea horse with a cotton swab? Not really something that belongs to its natural habitat. Luckily, many companies have made the switch and are now offering biodegradable cotton swabs made with wood or paper. Clean ears and clean oceans should definitely go hand in hand.

cotton swab in heart box

5. Ditch the plastic wrap for reusable containers

A very recent switch we made is using reusable containers to keep our meals fresh instead of plastic wrap. We just realized how much unnecessary plastic we were using by wrapping leftovers. We prefer glass containers but anything you already have in your home will do. Since ditching the plastic wrap, not one day has passed where we missed the plastic wrap.

glass container food storage meal prep


How are you avoiding plastic in you daily life? Comment below with all your tips and tricks!


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