FABSOUL x Ocean Blue Project

We are excited to announce our new partnership with Ocean Blue Project! Our mission at FABSOUL® is to make you feel fabulous while keeping our ocean's and beaches plasticfree. This perfectly aligns with Ocean Blue Project's vision.

Learn more about Ocean Blue Project

Ocean Blue Project was founded in 2012 in Newport, Oregon by father and son, Richard and Fleet Arterbury, with the intent to turn the world's ocean, beaches, and rivers back into self-sustaining ecosystems where wildlife and humans can coexist and thrive. They successfully mobilize local communities and government to engage in clean ups and invest in youth education. Until 2025, they want to plant 1 million native Trees for Streams and to remove 1 million pounds of plastic debris from the coasts and river banks. 

beach clean ups organized by ocean blue project

We are happy to support their mission by donating 5% per sold item to them. By buying FABSOUL® Activewear you are actively contributing to a cleaner ocean, beaches, and rivers. Say no to plastic, and yes to nature!

ocean blue project