It took us quite some time to find the right textile manufacturer because of our high standards regarding quality and fair working conditions. We had the intention of keeping production in Europe due to economic reasons but realized that none of the factories met our quality standards.

We decided to manufacture our garments in Taiwan, in New Taipei City to be exact, because of their expertise in activewear and their fair working conditions. The factory is family owned and run by a woman #womenhelpwomen .

Before we started working together with them, we visited the factory. You will find a few impressions below. The facility is clean and the seamstresses working there really enjoy what they do. They are constantly reinvesting and modernizing. During our visit they were just getting ready for a new dyeing maschine. 

But mostly impressed us that they have their own gym where they will invite personal trainers regularly to keep their employees healthy! 


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Schneiderei Taiwan fair fashion faire Produktion
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