natural materials eco-friendly umweltfreundliche Kleidung


TENCEL® fibers are made of cellulose. Cellulose is the most important component of wood. It decomposes back into its starting materials, ensuring new plant growth. This natural cycle is imitated during the production of the fiber. All auxiliary materials used, such as chemicals and water, are returned to the production process. We source our TENCEL® fibers from Lenzing AG.

antibacterial fresh smell kein Schweissgeruch

Doesn't give bad odour a chance


The use of organic cotton was no option for us as the fibres absorb too much liquid. Anyone who has ever worn a cotton top during a sweaty workout, knows what I'm talking about. Fabrics made of TENCEL® transport liquid directly to the outside so that bacteria growth has no chance. TENCEL® is therefore the ideal natural alternative to polyester!


coeanic skincare complex skin treatment anticellulite Hautpflege Ozean

Wellness for your skin


Our TENCEL® fabric not only feels incredibly soft on your skin, but is also enriched with a special marine algae complex which has itch-relieving, cell-regulating, skin-protecting and antibacterial effects. 


plastic in oceans

Protect you and nature from plastic


Plant-based fabrics offer a real environmentally friendly alternative to synthetic fibres such as polyester. When synthetic materials, including recycled polyester, are washed, microparticles of plastic detach from the material. They are so small that they pass through filter systems and enter our waters. Little fish absorb them with their food and ultimately we do too.


fair working conditions ethical work fairtrade made in the EU

Produced under fair working conditions


Our fabric is OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certified and manufactured in a family-owned factory in Taiwan. We carefully select our manufacturers to ensure the highest quality whilst ensuring fair working conditions.