natural materials eco-friendly umweltfreundliche Kleidung


Umorfil® Beauty Fiber® is a combination of a collagen peptide from recycled fish scale and viscose fiber. It is 100% biodegradable. The name Umorfil originates from the Latin ‘Umor’ and French ‘fil’, meaning ‘moisture yarn’. The peptides will keep active evven after washing, providing persistent functionality and quality of the fabric.


antibacterial fresh smell kein Schweissgeruch



The fiber has naturally deodorizing qualities, even after washing. No matter how sweaty your day gets, wearing FABSOUL will keep you feeling and looking fresh!


cosmetic fabric that keeps your skin hydrated
Keeps your skin hydrated


Research has shown that materials containing collagen peptides and amino acids are providing health care for the skin. With age, our skin loses the natural moisturizing ability leading to oftentimes dry skin. Wearing Umorfil® Beauty Fiber® will restore this protective film, thus acting as a natural skin care for your body.


fabric good to your skin
Good to sensitive skin


The founder of the Umorfil® technology, Dr. James Hou, suffered from a skin infection which prevented him to wear regular clothes. That lead him to invent an alternative fiber. Supramolecular technology is used to bind the peptides into the fiber, replacing the need for chemical softeners, which are oftentimes the cause for allergic rashes. The fabric is even suitable for babies’ or elders’ skin and has passed the skin sensitivity and irritation test (ISO 10993).


fabric that protects your skin from sun rays
UV protection


When tested in an SGS lab, Umorfil® Beauty Fiber® absorbed UV-A and UV-B rays and provided UV-cut, thus protecting the skin. It can provide UPF30 capability 1.


 I want to experience the luxury of Umorfil® Beauty fiber on my skin.